User manual for ACPV (all models) valve and EDU driver:
    • EDU5: latest user manual (2019.1) for ACPV valve and EDU5 controller at this link (pdf file).
    • EDU3: latest user manual (2016.1) for ACPV valve and EDU3 controller at this link (pdf file).
User manual for Fiber-Remote-Control (FRC) unit:
  • FRC-10/30/100: latest user manual (2020.1) for use of FRC controller with EDU5 at this link (pdf file).
User manual for Isolation-Box (ISO-BOX) for HV-floating of AmsterdamPiezoValve:
  • ISO-BOX: latest user manual (2018.1) for High-Voltage (20 kV) floating of the APV system at this link (pdf file).

Drivers for EDU5 controller:

Windows 10, MacOS, and Linux: have support for the EDU5 via USB. Just connect the EDU5 via an USB cable and power up the instrument. You do not have to install drivers, just install Putty.

Windows 7/8 drivers for the EDU5 can be downloaded from here (zip file). 
Disconnect the EDU5 from your computer
Unzip the files in a location on your computer.
If the system is a 32-bit operating system start dpinst-32bit.exe to install the USB drivers.
If the system is a 64-bit operating system start dpinst-64bit.exe to install the USB drivers.
If installation wizard is successful the setup responses with “Arduino LLC ready to use”.
Now connect the EDU5 with a USB cable to your computer and switch on the EDU5.

Putty: the latest version of Putty can be downloaded from:
Install Putty following the instructions on the website.

Firmware upgrades for EDU5: 

Standard 150 Volt version:
Please find the txt instructions how to upgrade the EDU5 firmware here: (pdf)
Please download the most recent firmware (1.1.2 July 2020) from the link here: (windows exe file)

Novel 200 Volt version: 
Request by sending an email to

Expression of interest in micro de Laval nozzles:

If you are interested in rectangular micro de Laval nozzles download an expression of interest here: (pdf link).